Forest person (orangutan)

Yesterday, I went to the zoo and took some pictures. The weather was lousy and the light not good. I took some pictures at iso 3200 and tried to make the best out of it today. In the end, I played around a bit and tried the G’MIC Highlight Bloom filter of @David_Tschumperle in the Gimp.
I find the result very appealing and would like to present it here.


Persons have names: could I call him or her Orangusam?

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That sounds just too close to Orgasm and the expression does not seem to justify it :wink: Looking at the philosophical expression, I suggest OrangYoda :grin:

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Feeling awkward on behalf of all of the Sams of the world.

This person is definitely a lady (the faces of male orangutans look different). I think her name is Sly but since she is located in Germany, the name Uta might be appropriate (from orangutan) .

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@Thomas_Do Sam is a unisex name. Uta is fine but less fun in the context of my post.

Young males could be confused as a lady but I might not know orangutans as well as you do.

That is absolute right. But this one is not young and I know the members of the group :wink: .

Ah, you are a friend of the forest too. :+1:

OK, let’s call her Uta Orangusam!