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There is something wrong with the French version. The RawPedia page “Noise Reduction” has been recently updated to take into account the new interface in the Noise reduction panel, of the Detail tab.
For example, labels that were Method and Quality are now Color space and Mode.
I just updated my RT to the last version and now have 5.4.379, but in the French version, I still have the former labels (Méthode and Qualité) and the old pop up help. I would like to have the last one to translate RawPedia in French with the right interface labels.

It has nothing to do with that but in the RawPedia English version, Noise Reduction / Introduction, in the fourth image legend:
“This is what chrominance noise looks like. Luminance detail was obliterated to make the chrominance noise more clear.”
Is it really Luminance detail or Luminance noise?


(Morgan Hardwood) #2


Open default and Francais side-by-side, then manually revise all Noise Reduction-related strings in the French file, making sure they match the ones in the default file which are always the most recent.

It is “detail”, because it was more than just noise which was destroyed in the example.

Great work @lebarhon :+1:


Thanks for your compliments :smile:
It doesn’t really match or in a strange way, examples:

TP_DIRPYRDENOISE_MAIN_MODE_TOOLTIP;La qualité peut être adapté à la trame du bruit. Régler sur “haut” augmentera l’effet de la réduction de bruit au prix d’un temps de traitement plus long.
TP_DIRPYRDENOISE_MAIN_MODE_TOOLTIP;“Conservative” preserves low frequency chroma patterns, while “aggressive” obliterates them.

In the first example, the difference is obvious. If I translate the French string in the second example, I get:
The quality can be adapted to the noise frame. Set on “high” will increase the noise reduction at the cost of a longer processing time.




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That is not a translation of the English string.

Discard the previously-translated French string when the new English one has been updated, don’t try to merge the old one with the new one.


I think it is the translation of what was written before Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. Discard where ?

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@lebarhon sometimes the “default” labels change because the code has changed, other times they change because they were incorrect. Whenever I edit an existing label I try to remember to delete it from all other translations, but I don’t always do that (sometimes I forget, sometimes it’s not possible, sometimes someone else does the changing), as is the case here.

To get the Francais translation up to date and correct, you should find all keys related to noise reduction (not only new keys, but already-translated ones as well!), check what they are in “default”, and translate from “default” into Francais.

Does that make sense?


Yes it is clear now, but not sure if I am able to do that, it doesn’t seem that simple. Is there a quick howto somewhere ? Must I create a fork ? and then ?
There is about 8 strings

(Morgan Hardwood) #8

No fork, it’s the same procedure as always, but instead of only looking at lines beginning with an exclamation mark (untranslated), you should also look at already-translated lines.


Issue #4603

(Mr Awazon) #10

I didn’t recognized this (old labels and hin) , too. I’ll up date GUI in Japanese soon.


Yet another problem about RawPedia
In the Noise reduction page, Chrominance / Preview multi-zones, it is written :

Identical to “Preview”, but you have the possibility to evaluate with a very good approximation the result of “Auto multi-zones” with the help of the information given as a supplement to “Noise preview”.

Under the label "Noise preview: Mean=x High=y", two lines are displayed:

I think it should be “Preview noise” instead of “Noise preview”

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In Rawpedia
In the Nearest section, it is writen “… in order to make some pixel-peeping detail larger.” I don’t understand what is called “pixel-peeping”.
And I think an s is missing to “detail”

In the Lanczos section: “Lanczos is the default sharpening method.” Sharpening ? really or Resizing?


(Morgan Hardwood) #14

Pixel-peeping means when you look so closely at an image (when you magnify the image so much) that the pixels are clearly visible. In that paragraph the intention is that when you upscale a photo, you generally do not want to see individual pixels - you want the image to be larger but still smooth. However, when you upscale an image for pixel-peeping, you want to see the individual pixels, and for that you use “nearest neighbor”.

I removed use of the term “pixel-peeping”, its use was not necessary to understand the concept.

I added an image to help explain the concept.

“detail” without “s” is correct.

“sharpening” removed.


Hello Morgan,
In, at the beginning of the Curves section, Equalizer curves are defined. Later on, there is a section called Flat curves, and in the Threshold Curves section, Flat curves are quoted.
That sounds strange to me.

(Morgan Hardwood) #16


I am not finished updating that article, so hold on with translating for a few days. Once done with it, there will still be duplication to be removed from

FYI, we used various terms for the spots you put in a curve, and I am working on consistently calling them “control points” (that is the proper term). Also the “pipette” and all other ways we refer to it will be consistently called a “color picker”.