FS7 raw video file

Hello, I have four minutes of un-debayared raw footage in an .mov video container for implementing support of raw files produced by the Sony fs7 and encoded in Atomos recorders, for Rawtherapee. I wasn’t the one who did the test, so I wasn’t able to shoot a short and shareable clip, so it is 25 gigabytes. Is that too big for the Pixls server that host all the test raw files? Is implementing support for raw video clips something that can even be done for Rawtherapee? Even if not realistic now, I still want to make this file available for the FOSS community. Anyone know if a Prores raw file can be split without re-encoding?

edit: .mov, not .mp4 (mp4 cannot support prores raw, my bad)

Please don’t upload a 25 GB file! Perhaps make a torrent? I’d be happy to help seed it.

Can I torrent share with you and then you can host it? I don’t have a good computer setup for hosting a torrented file long term and at the level of understanding where I am just at the mercy of online tutorials.

A 4 minutes file with a size of 25 GB is not something which can be used for testing…
Please provide a 1 second (or less) file

Guess I am going to have to try FFMPEG and/or reshoot. I wasn’t the one in the room when the test was done, so I wasn’t able to make sure these common sense things happen. Guess I get what I put in.

I’d be happy to host a torrent. Possibly some test video can be put on a peertube node as well.

What’s creating ProRes RAW? The FS7 and the Raw output device connected to a Sony recorder don’t. They record linear 16 bit.

Isn’t it this Atomo recorder?

An intro: https://youtu.be/KWUKtKNX3pc?t=61

With FS7: https://www.atomos.com/cameras/sony-pxw-fs7