G in thumbnails - what does it mean ?

dt 3.1.0+1016, ligthtable and darkroom (filmstrip)
The thumbnails of some images I used externally with hugin, respectively were created by hugin show a character G in the upprer right corner. I saw the G the very first time today. Older edits (same procedure with hugin) don’t show the G. Can somebody explain the meaning of this G ?g-in-thumbnail

Is this is a single file and not a group? then it’s very weird. Pinging @AlicVB then :slight_smile:

G stands for group. If you have for example a jpeg-raw pair that will appear as G and you can fold/unfold them in lighttable.

Hmmm, I never actively grouped the images.

  • 4 images belong to a exposure series. They are imported into dt as single images (and show no G)
  • For one of these 4 images Whitebalance and Crop are applied
  • WB and Crop are copied to the other three images in lighttable
  • Exit dt
  • Run hugin, build stack … blah, blah … export as EXR (hugin uses darktable-cli as RAW processor when importing)
  • Launch dt
  • Import folder again : created EXR and TIFs (stack from hugin) are shown
  • EXR is not grouped
  • ARWs (source files for hugin) and TIFs are grouped together (show the G)

Either hugin or darktable-cli must group them … !? Or are they automatically grouped at import on the basis of their filenames ?

Source files for stack :

Files created by hugin :
DSC03045 - DSC03048_hdr.exr

I use this procedure of building HDRs for serveral month now (nearly daily) and never observed the grouping before.

Which filter is activated ? Most of the times, when you have a group and a single image, is that’s the filter activated hide other images (most of the times, created clones of the image). So check if you are not, for example on all except rejected images mode. Change to all images and you should show all images. If not, check also the G button on top right of lighttable, maybe all images are grouped (so only the first is shown).

The meaning of what si G is just explained on the darktable manual. Good to search on it. You could even use the ? button on top right then click on a part of darktable to open your web browser on the related page of the online manual.

I’m using the manual frequently, even when I first found the G in thumbnails. But I searched for the wrong keywords. Sorry, my fault. Filters are switched off, showing all images. I never used grouping of images, and I never observed that images with identical base names are automatically grouped at import (as mentioned in the manual). Something must have changed in the last git master versions at this point.
But again, you are absolutely right, I should have searched in the manual more intense. Apologies for the noise…

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No worries if you searched on the manual. That quite different, sometimes we don’t search correctly and it’s quite different that not searching at all !

Anyway, glad if you find your answers.