Get dev version without compiling? - explanation in post :-)

Windows 10 environment.

I have the compiler etc on one machine, which works fine in compiling the dev versions. However, the exe (and presumably all required libraries) are dumped together in the mingw64/bin folder.

I also have Siril stable installed on another machine, and would like to have the dev version there without installing msys2 etc etc. (some restrictions are there)

Is that possible at all? If yes, what would need to be copied over from mingw64/bin to the new machine? I compared the folders, but am unsure of what should / should not be copied.



you can get the latest windows nightly build at
Just unzip to your other machine, siril.exe is in the bin folder

IMPORTANT: this is an image of the dev version. So just like when you compile from sources, you should update VERY frequently :wink:


Yes of course.

Thank you very much.