Getting Darktable to find moved images

I have moved some images out side of Darktable and I am trying to get DT informed of where the new images are. I have read the user manual and I followed the following instructions which did not work for me as I only got an empty collection for the new folder. Any advice would be appreciated. I realize I could have moved them in DT and this may be preferable in the future.

  1. Set the image attribute combobox to “folder” or “film roll”.
  2. The original film roll or folder name will be displayed with strikethrough formatting to emphasize that it can not be located.
  3. Right-click on the folder or film roll name, select “search filmroll…”, and then select the new location of the folder.

I’ve no idea why it’s not working. :thinking:But I don’t have all that much experience with the file manager side of dt. I guess what you could do is delete the ‘struckthough’ item in dt, then import it anew. But I’m not 100% sure if that could have side effects.

Those instructions were for a moved/renamed directory (i.e. a complete film roll).

I think for individual images, you’ll have to import them again and remove the “dead” thumbnails from the original location. Before doing that, though, check that you also moved the sidecars to the new location (if you use them, that is). And make sure you use the “add to library” option on import (you do not want to change the name or copy/move the files concerned).

Is was whole folders that were moved. I appreciate that I can just reimport the images, but I am just trying to streamline the process by having DT relocate the new folder location. Thanks for your replies.