Getting started for former LightRoom users?

(Henrique Moraes Machado) #1


I’m making the change from Lightroom to Darktable and was wondering if there’s some quickstart guide for those like me so I can hit the ground running.

Also here’s a specific question: In Lightroom, I always use the eyedrop tool to adjust white balance (click on any neutral color and it figures the white balance accordingly). Is there something similar on Darktable?

(Mica) #2

Hey, welcome!

Shane just had a GIMP video featured on DPReview, here is his intro to darktable video:

@RileyB also has a nice, succinct series introducing darktable:

Lastly, @harry_durgin has a lot of videos where he just explains why he edits things the way he does:

If you have specific workflow questions or want to know corresponding tools, just ask!

(Henrique Moraes Machado) #3

Hey, thank you very much. Nice videos.
I do have a specific question about the eyedropper. In Lightroom I use the eyedropper to set the white balance. Just click on a neutral colour and it figures out the white balance in relation to that colour. Is there something similar on Darktable?

(Mica) #4

Yes, in the white balance module, change the setting from “Camera” to “Spot.” Then you can draw a rectangle on the area that is neutral.

(Jean-Paul) #5

Hello, I allow myself to put you a French video that allows you to adapt some LightRoom commands in darktable (with YouTube, it is possible to translate subtitles automatically into English).
I hope the translator did his job well. Best regards


As I see questions like this popping up frequently, maybe it’s a nice idea to gather these specific questions and the answers in a faq to help out future switches?