GIMP 2.99 released

GTK3 based UI, multi-layer selection and much more


Here’s a Table of Contents for the relevant sections:

And of course, @darix has packages available here:

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Oh and while you are testing this. Please help all the plugin authors to port the plugins to the new python3 based gimp. The more you help them. The faster we get those ported, the more smooth the gimp 3 release will be.

Oh and help the gimp team with porting too.

Nice, it’s getting closer to the start of non destructive editing goal. After that, I don’t need anything else :smiley:


Oh, oh, oh as I have longed !

thanks for the share


Will GIMP have vector layer and vector operators like Illustator and Inkscape ?

It will have it according to roadmap.

When will this be ?

I do not know. If you need vector layer in a raster graphic app now. I can only direct you to Krita.

Release highlights:

Usability fixes across various parts of GIMP
New Paint Select tool in the playground
New generic dialog generation and metadata support API for export plug-ins
Multi-threaded JPEG2000 decoding
Initial documentation on porting plug-ins to 3.0

“When it’s ready” is the best you can get. There isn’t anybody working on this right now.

openSUSE and Fedora packages can be found here

Does anyone know why is this happening when trying to export jpg?