Gimp Exif Data Saving


Hi all, I have a couple of questions, if someone can help me would be great.

is there a way to set Gimp not to save by default Exif data? I find myself having to go all the time to Advanced Options (while saving) to do that. (SOLVED I found the settings for this).


Also, is it possible to save Exif data without the part that says Gimp? and the date?

In some cases I need to do that for some customers.

Also. I’ve read that there’s an Exif metadata modifyer in the new version of Gimp? If someone can let me know where on Gimp is located would be great.


Nobody knows anything about this?



You could run exiv2 or exiftool to strip the specific tags that you don’t like post GIMP.


Ok, I thought I read somewhere that Gimp 2.10 had an exif editor integrated, I read that in some Gimp news website. I’ve used exiftool before, will try exiv2. Thank you.

(Tobias) #5

The Metadata Editor in Gimp is here:
Image->Metadata->Edit Metadata (Translated from the german Version)