GIMP Magazin 1/2019


does anybody know something about the GIMP Magazin 1/2019? When is it going to appear? What is going to be in it? Is it coming?
I think the last issue appeared on November 29 2017.
Regards from Vienna

(Mica) #2

Perhaps @patdavid or @prokoudine know?

(Pat David) #3

Good question - I thought the magazine was defunct, but I’m checking with them now.


I think there used to be a GIMP Magazine in English some years ago or so. But I am not sure if this one is the same. I think last year there was only a German edition.

I think it is somehow connected to and
There was also a 2017 issue, but I think its contents was more or less the same as the 2018, respectively the other way around. And I also think that some articles in the GIMP Magazin had appreard earlier in linuxuser an linuxmagazin.

(Alex Prokoudine) #5

I don’t think Steve made any new issues of the magazine in the past 3-4 years.

(Pat David) #6

@betazoid maybe we’re talking about different GIMP magazines? :slight_smile:

These are the ones I thought you were referring to:

Also, @prokoudine I spoke to Steve earlier on Twitter and he says they have a new issue written but not published. They lost an associate (Dave Lepek) who worked on the magazine with them last year. :frowning:


yea, I am talking about the GIMP Magazin, not the GIMP MagazinE. For me that was clear from the beginning. I knew both. But maybe someone knows something about the German Magazin.


I think it is this one. It did appear in English as well.