Gimp Will not start at all.

I am running Ubuntu Studio 18.04 and Have been for a year. I just went to start Gimp 2.10 so I could use BIMP as part of my normal workflow and Gimp will not start. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it and it still will not open at all.

Any Idea?

Start the program in a terminal and see, if you get error messages.

…/babl/babl-internal.h:214 babl_log()
WARNING: the babl installation seems broken, no extensions found in queried
BABL_PATH (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/babl-0.1) this means no SIMD/instructions/special case fast paths and
only slow reference conversions are available, applications might still
run but software relying on babl for conversions will be slow

…/babl/babl-internal.h:222 babl_fatal()
babl_format(“CIE Lab double”): not found

Ok, I reinstalled Gimp three times without success. I think this 4th time may have been the charm. I performed this Via Terminal/ Snap and Apt. When I tried the Snap, it loaded the program, but Terminal went insane and all the of Icons did not have the correct pathways.

One thing that confuses me is that the original Gimp 2.10 and 2.08 folders are still on this computer even after I uninstalled gimp. (In actuality that is nice, but I think that was part of the problem. It kept saying I had broken packages.) On the other hand, I was able to Copy my important Plug ins and move them to the current plug in folder. The New Gimp 2.10 is buried pretty freaking deep. Still trying to figure how it figures out where to put the program.

Snap and apt are two separate, unrelated install methods.

If the snap works for you, then good.

Does Ubuntu studio build their own gimp package that is up to date? Or are you using a PPA or something else?

Sorry it took so long to get back. I am 1500 images deep here and my ladies played last night for the state Regional finals in volleyball, so that means more images not to mention the football game last Friday as well.

The installs from Terminal failed but the download of gimp 2.10 from the software center was a success after multiple tries. Unfortunately it set me back a good while. I made a mistake wavelet sharpening (via layer one duplication in mass) I forgot to add “Save at 100%” the outcome were images that were 5 mb in size verses the normal 20-30. I had to go back into raw Therapee and restart. :frowning: