Gmic Color Presets

In Color/Color Presets there are lots of different presets in different folders. If you want to check your image with different presets you need to go to every folder and than check every singel preset to have an idea how your image looks with the different presets.
Is there any easy way to have an “overview” of your image with the different presets??
For instance that you can see your image on a page with 10-20 presets at the same time. Than you go to next page and see the next 10-20 presets.

I don’t believe there is a built in feature to do this, but you could probably script it fairly easily. Perhaps @garagecoder, @Reptorian, or @afre could share some examples.

There is a built-in feature :slight_smile:
When in a category, select preset: All [collage]

And click OK. The plug-in will generate something like this:


Ahhhh… Perfect. I did not realize this. Thanks.

Thank you! Now it is much easier to check the result from the different presets

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