gmic command line is missing filters ?


Hi !
i’m using gmic on ubuntu, everything is working fine with some filters (cartoon, sketchbw, polygon), but i don’t have a lot of other filters (polygonize, brushify …)

I don’t understand where i’m supposed to get them, but everyone not using the command line seems to have it (,,

as i’m currently wanting the brushify filter, i thought i was outdated, (gmic - version tell me i’m in
but apt-get install gimp && apt-get install gmic says i’m up to date

My questions are : how to get up to date (with the shell), and what do i need to do to access all the filters (like -brushify, or -gimp_colorsketchbw)


@Neilyroth Welcome to the forum! First, try gmic -up. If that doesn’t work:

Are you using Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS (Trusty Tahr)? If so, unfortunately, gmic is its most current package. Right now we are at version 2.0.3_pre. The latest packages can be found on the G’MIC website. For Trusty, you would need this:


Thanks for the reply, I’m under 14.04.3,
I actually fixed my thing with, under the from source tab, an i’m finally under 2.0.3 :smiley:
thanks for the fix, and I hope i can just copy the binary in my project in order to access it from any computer :slight_smile: