G'MIC command outputs all white image due to no color profile in output

Running the following G’MIC command from a DOS command prompt:

gmic inputImage.tif fx_corvo_painting_5 2000,16.5,10,0.5,0,0,203,2.51,6.8,1 o outputImage.tif

If I look at the output image using IrfanView, the image looks fine but all the other programs I use to open the image (RawTherapee, Photoshop, GIMP, Aurora, VuePrint) just show a white image. At least Photoshop tells me that the image has no embedded color profile.

Note that this problem seems to be limited to TIFF files as there is no problem when the images are JPEGs.

My question is how do I force G’MIC to output an embedded color profile with the TIFF image so that it can be read by other programs? I couldn’t find anything on this subject in the help file. And why doesn’t G’MIC do this by default?

Thanks. Jim

By default, G’MIC output tiff images as float-valued tiff, which is unfortunately a format that very few viewers are able to read. I would suggest using c 0,255 o outputImage.tiff,uchar to save your image.

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Wonderful David, using the command as follows produces a tif that the programs cited in my original post can all now read:

gmic inputImage.tif fx_corvo_painting_5 2000,16.5,10,0.5,0,0,203,2.51,6.8,1 c 0,255 o outputImage.tif,uchar

Thanks David.

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