GMIC Documentation (or module help)

I tried GMIC for the first time today and wow … This is powerful …

This was a partial morning fog. I needed to remove some branches from the image using GIMP. While interesting image to me, I wanted to smooth out the details. Saw some youtube video about GMIC and tried for the first time the ‘Dreamy Smoothing’ filter.

GMIC actually created more interesting details. I am just playing around with blending both to some degree and see what I get.

I was looking around for some documentation regarding the filters and some tips on how to use them or when to use them etc. But I could not find much details on that. Can someone please point me to right direction? Thank you for your help and time :slight_smile:

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There is not much of an explanation except for what you see in the plugin and on the forum. That is why it is a good thing that you posted here.

One tip is that the plugin’s preview is inexact because the processing works on the preview image itself and not the original layer. It also disregards the colour management, etc., of GIMP. In general, I would apply to new layer and then undo if I don’t get an acceptable result.