G'Mic in GIMP not fully loading [Solved]

I’m having a problem with G’Mic accessed through GIMP. I’m running Windows 10 and GIMP 2.10.14. It’s never had a problem before but now when I select the G’Mic filter a blank window opens up behind GIMP. It never fully loads no matter how long it sits.

The only thing I’ve changed since the last time G’Mic worked was that I migrated by OS onto a SSD.

Thanks for any and all help rendered.

What version of gmic do you have?

It’s 2.6.3

I would try a newer version, 2.6.3 is fairly old.

I’ve updated to 2.8.1 and restarted but it’s still not opening.

Also I’ve since uninstalled both GIMP and G’MIC and then reinstalled both but it’s still the same.

Have you tried Partha Bagchi version of the GIMP? It has G’MIC and works for me flawlessly.

Yeah I just tried his version of GIMP wtih G’MIC installed and it’s still the same. I’m thinking there’s some setting that’s preventing G’MIC from loading. It’s puzzling since I haven’t changed anything since the last time it worked.

Windows defender or other antivirus?

Ok, I don’t know what it did but I went into the task manager and clicked on “performance.” I found that G’MIC was running and clicked on it which called it up to the front. No idea what happened but now it works. Thanks again for the help.