G'mic inpaint and color management


So the problem is this: I have a wide gamut screen. Color management works, but: I have this photo where I want to remove some parts of it with G’mic inpaint. I paint on the photo with pure red. Then I go to G’mic inpaint, but it does not work because G’mic does not show/read the red areas as pure red but some brownish red. I hope the screenshots help to understand the problem. I know, G’mic just looks at the numbers and ignores profiles but how do I make this work?

(As you can see, I am on Windows now)
Thanks in advance


The colour doesn’t matter, as long as the selected pencil colour matches the selected colour in the plugin, which I guess is 218, 60, 30. Note that the preview of the plugin is wrong; don’t pick colours from there or trust it as the final output! Out of curiosity, I examined the red patches.

218, 60, 30 → selected pencil colour (rectangle)
217, 60, 30 → in-GIMP image mask colour
192, 88, 35 → in-plugin image mask colour


So which color do I need to choose now in Gimp or Krita (so it matches the color in g’mic)?
I sure did not change the mask color in G’mic.


I will check again but in Gimp it is 255, 0, 0 - maybe it looks different on the screenshot because of color management?


Ok. Never mind. It is because Gimp cannot deal with wide gamut. I now chose convert to srgb when I opened the photo and it works.
I will have to do further tests in Krita though. In theory Krita should be able to deal with this. So far it only worked in sRGB, just like Gimp.


I forgot to mention that, although G’MIC doesn’t care about colour space just numbers, many of its filters do. For the most part, it assumes that your data is in the range of 0-255 sRGB (linear mostly).


I think I found a way to make g’mic inpaint work with wide gemaut pics:
I painted with pure red on a photo in Krita. I went over to g’mic inpaint. I took a screenshot. I opened the screenshot with Krita. Imeasured the color that I had painted with before. I returned to the original photo. I left the original pure red. Opened it in g’mic inpaint and set the mask color there to the color that I had measured before.
Now I do not know if this is a correct way to do it, neither do I really understand what I did and how and why it works, but for me it appears to work.