GMIC on Gimp-CCE

(Gabriele ) #1

Hi All,
Did anyone compile GMIC with GIMP-CCE?

I cloned git GMIC and modified gmic_gimp_gtk.cpp ( gmic_gimp.cpp isn’t there) as it said in

But when I launch GMIC inside Gimp I have

Could not execute plug-in “gmic_gimp_gtk”
because it uses an obsolete version of the plug-in protocol.

Any hints?


(Mica) #2

@Carmelo_DrRaw compiles the CCE AppImage. Or perhaps @David_Tschumperle would know. :slight_smile:


Have you tried any of the binaries here? I often use them to replace what is packaged with GIMP. You could even have multiple plug-in versions of G’MIC if the file is named differently as long as it is in the right directory.


I read the article. I might be wrong, but based on personal experience, I believe that G’MIC GUI makes the assumption that the input file is sRGB and in the range of 0-255 because the default GIMP does that. However, I haven’t had problems with linearity or posterization because internally, G’MIC doesn’t make any assumptions and works in 32-bit floating point precision.

So, I doubt that you need to modify the code. To avoid confusion, I tend to use command line G’MIC. But if you are curious about how G’MIC GUI handles values and color, be sure to check out

(Pat David) #5

@David_Tschumperle might have a hint! :slight_smile:

(Elle Stone) #6

The article is out of date. gmic changes in lock-step with default gimp. cce is behind default gimp. I am not able to do enough typing to fix these issues. Use the appimage or use default gimp.