G'MIC only worked once, hasn't worked since - Gimp, Windows

I installed G’MIC to do some in-painting and the first time I tried it, it worked like a charm. But ever since then, it does nothing. It’s like it’s completely stopped working. I’ve tried to re-do the first image that worked without issue, and nothing. I’ve gone as far as completely uninstalling G’MIC and Gimp, even removing all the remnant files and folders, and reinstalling both. Nothing. It worked once and that’s it, it just doesn’t work anymore.

We could use some more details in order to help you…

What OS and version?
What version of gimp and gmic?

Can you provide some steps to help us understand? Are there any error messages?

Anything more you can tell us would be great.

Thanks for the response.

It’s on Windows 10 21H1, Gimp 2.10.24, G’MIC 2.9.8.

There’s nothing peculiar about the process, everything happens as it did the first time it worked, there’s no error message or anything, it generates a new layer like I have it set to do, but there’s no change in the output image, it’s exactly the same as the source image.

Basically I create a selection around the area to in-paint, fill the selection with a specific, outstanding colour (e.g. hot pink), remove the selection, start the G’MIC-Qt filter, choose In-Paint [Multi-Scale], pick the mask colour from the colour-filled selection in the image that I made, set the mask dilation, and proceed from there.

Unless I’m doing something wrong or the threshold for what I’m doing is too slim for it to work. But like I said, it worked the first time no problem. And now no matter what settings I use, it just doesn’t seem to work. It just generates a new layer with the exact same image.

I’m not in front of my machine at the moment, but also check the Input parameter to make sure it’s the active layer? (Assuming you have the active layer and selection).

Yes, the input layer is set to the active layer.

Sorry, I’ve tested here on GIMP 2.10.22 and G’MIC 2.9.8_pre#210519 on Linux, but it’s working as I expected (I don’t have a Windows box to test it with atm).

Do any of the other G’MIC options work ok? What about the other inpainting methods?

I tried a couple of the other inpainting methods, but there’s no difference. I was planning to test in on Linux as well. I’ll report back with my findings.

I just tried on Linux, and it’s the same thing, it doesn’t work for me. This suggests that I am the one doing something wrong. But I don’t get it, it worked fine the first time doing the exact same thing. As reference, I’m using the the method shown in this video: https://youtu.be/VOPHbSgJUSI.

UPDATE: I just tried using the default mask colour (#ff0000) to create the mask and it worked. So it looks like the issue has something to do with picking the mask/screen colour from the image.

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Brain function at 1% ATM but I recall one solution to a problem (not necessarily this one :stuck_out_tongue:) is turning off anti-aliasing.

If it’s a bug we should let @David_Tschumperle know and file it on the tracker: