G'mic patchmatch command line

(bob87) #1

Hi every one,

I 'need to use patchmatch between 2 images to get the nnf field. Unfortunately, i do not understand well the documentation to achieve this with command line like :

gmic img1.png img2.png -patchmatch [0] [1]

If some one knwos how to do this.


Hi @bob87 & welcome!

Would this help?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(bob87) #3

Ty Claes,

I have my own inpaint code and i want to use the nearest -neighbor field from gmic.

(http://4232.cf) #4

gmic sample sample patchmatch[0] [1],3 +warp[-2] [-1],0

thank you No wise that existed this commando :smiley: