G'MIC update problems


(Quinn) #1

I just updated G’mic 1.7.9 (G’MIC plug-in for Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety (64 bits)) in Gimp on ubuntu 16.10 and some of my favorite filters are missing…in the Artistic section for example Anguish is missing, if I put in a search it tells me Anguish is in Artistic:
** 1 match found:

  • Anguish (in ‘/Artistic/’)-

but it is no longer visible I have re-downloaded just in case it was corrupt to no avail, any ideas?
Thank you

(David Tschumperlé) #2

I think you need to get the filter update, by clicking on the "Refresh filters’ button under the filter tree.
How many filters does the plug-in tell you have ? should be something like 490+.

(Quinn) #3

Thank you so much for the quick reply, so simple when you know how, it worked a treat.
Plug-in says I have 486 filters
Back to playing for me :grinning:

(al) #4

Hi folks,
Just my two cents.
I just found this solution yesterday and now your talking about it. Its my lucky day, thanks.

In my case I used the artistic/watercolor filter a few weeks ago and then the client wanted me to use it again on another image and I couldn’t find it again. I blamed it on my note keeping. Then yesterday I refreshed the filter list and it showed up again.

Any idea of why these filters appear and disappear like this? I’m trying to develop a reliable system for serious work and I get worried when stuff like this happens without understanding why. I don’t remember updating from the net other than last night.

Dont get me wrong, I’m happy its back, thank you; I just don’t know if its something I did that I should not be doing or is something being done to me or for me that I dont understand or know about. I hate being ignorant.

Is there a best practice guide to when an update should be done or a website I should be watching for updates etc.

I’m using gimp 2.9.? on ubuntu 16.4 and my filter count is 493