Going to Watch the Boating

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This is the season for adrenalin junkies to emerge. One of their favourite haunts is the Linn of Tummel, about a 10-minute drive from where I now live.

I had intended to stick to the 3.6 version of DT, but I forgot to switch off the development version before I did an update, so I am now running 3.7.

I wouldn’t claim this to be a great image, the real reason I am posting it is that I am stunned as to how easy it is to produce something that is acceptable. Oh, and I am seriously impressed by the new “Diffuse or Sharpen” module that.

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_CTW3742.NEF.xmp (16.8 KB)

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watch.the.boating.pp3 (16.1 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development

Just, intentionally, a tad warmer then was probably the case.


Just, intentionally, a tad warmer then was probably the case.

You have made it a little warmer than it was. I won’t inflict another 50MB+ raw file on the board, but here is one that I took a month back. Firstly, it is just above the drop into the canyon, secondly although the shots were taken at roughly the same time in the afternoon, this was taken a few days before the summer solstice, whereas the raw file I posted was taken some three-weeks afterwards.

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hi, new comer here… and i would like to share my take of it…

_CTW3742.NEF.xmp (18.9 KB) darktable 3.6

Hi @ivanbae07 and welcome!

Going to Watch the Boating_CTW3742.NEF.xmp (16.4 KB)

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my suggestion

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Thanks for posting a really good image, the contrast is challenging
darktable 3.6

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