Google Photos export NOT working. DT 3.0.0rc1

I am on OS X when I press the login button it simply opens Safari browser and in DT asks me to enter verification code to authorise DT.

Normally it should open the browser with Google login screen where you have to enter the password to login and authorise the software.

DT. should use OAuth 2 to authenticate itself but is not doing so. (my view)

Can you post a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

Stage 1 before pressing login button

Stage 2 after pressing the login button

if no solution, at least can people give their reaction to “is this module working?” Yes/No

Hi @Rajkhand,

What happens if you try to log in to Google?

In my case I get this msg

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

in my case as shown in the screen shot nothing happens. No login window to login to Google appears as it should.
you can see from the screen shots as I have put safari next to darktable and taken the first screenshot and the second shot is after I click the login button, only the enter verification dialogue box appears No change in Safari.

I get the same

I am here on Windows 10 and dt 3.0.0rc1. Trying to export to google photos and authorize a new account opens a chrome window as expected, but when i select my account i get the following error message:

Sorry, i missed that Claes had already posted the same error message…

I have an installtion on W10 too and the google export works well.
Once the exclamation mark shows up one can use the left side button to open the darktable / goolge connection in an “unsafe” mode. Once done everything works as designed.

What do you mean “one can use the left side button to open” ?

The bug is already issued on GitHub

Post deleted as not relevant anymore