GoPro HERO5 Black

(Tobias) #1

I have a new GoPro HERO5 Black action camera. This GoPro is the first one, that is able to save photos in a raw format. Sadly GoPro did not use DNG as file format but invented a new one. From the FAQ:

The .GPR format is an extension Adobe’s .DNG format, adding enhanced compression (VC5 Standard)

Sadly none of the FOSS I tested supports this formats. Now I started to report issues to the different Projects.
The reason I write this here is because:

  1. Track the progress.
  2. Show other user where they can report issues to get support for new raw formats.
  3. Get information/tips what else I can do.

Upload a sample file to done

Lensfun fixed

darktable (rawspeed):


Mail to the developer.


(Tobias) #2


I’ve now installed “Adobe DNG Converter 9.8” with Wine (1.8.5) and it works fine to convert the GoPro GPR files to DNGs. Now I’m able to open this DNG file in darktable, but the files are upside down in darktable 2.2.1. I wrote a bugreport:

(Tobias) #3

The DNG orientation problem is fixed in darktable. :slight_smile:
That was really fast:

(Tobias) #4

Now it should be much easier to develop support for the GoPro file format.

GoPro Open Sources the CineForm Codec:

GoPro open sources the CineForm codec
(Tobias) #5

The is now a FOSS commandl ine tool from GoPro to decode the images:

(Tobias) #6

Short update. Stloeffler wrote a path for rawspeed, the library that darktable uses, and made a pull request. Now @LebedevRI is reviewing this patch:

So we have a good change that we’ll see GoPro Raw support in one of the next darktable version. :+1:

(Roman Lebedev) #7


(Tobias) #8

@LebedevRI was reviewing wrong? Whatever you do, I trust on you, that the code will improve.