GPS Taggers Usage

How important is it that you use a GPS tagger for your photos?

I use OSMand on my phone to record a GPX file. Before shooting I make sure my camera and phone have the same time and date set. Then you can geotag after the fact. I use exiftool or darktable to do that.

This, but I take a photo of my cellphone to correct the time later

I’m not sure I understand you question, are you asking pretty much “what’s the point to adding geotags to your photos”?
If that’s what you meant, for example in my case I discovered the usefulness after the fact: I took photos in Venice (Italy) in 2017, and when I wanted to show the photos, I wanted also to know and show where they were taken. And since my camera has no gps onboard, I had to use Google maps and street view to find the locations after the fact. If I had my photos geotagged, it would have been way easier and less time consuming.

The answer to that question depends on who is answering. For me, the answer is “not at all.” On the other hand, GPS is handy for noting shooting opportunities that I’m not able to shoot at the time I see them.

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I guess my question was a little to vague. I meant was is it useful when cataloging your images in say digiKam?

I am using GPS every time I take pictures. It is handy because I am creating a map over WW2 bunkers around my area. Black dots are bunkers that no longer exist

The bunkers look similar so it is hard to place the right bunker at the right place without GPS tags.

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Just saw this in fdroid, looks cool:

Hello guys,

For professional GIS at work I have read great reviews about:

They both work fine on Android and they are relatively easy to use (albeit much more geared to GIS stuff, not simply gps tagging, in essence).

My camera has gps and I would hate to loose that feature. Before my current camera I used my phone and tagged after the fact. Unfortunately I frequently forgot to start the phone app.

My use case is pretty niche though and my guess is that for most gps tagging not worth the hassle.

I wrote a KML and geoJSON export script and the geoToolbox script for darktable:

You can get the latest version of the scripts in the official darktable lua script collection:

I sometimes use this information to create maps for my photo books:

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Hello everyone,

First off, I work as a plant pathologist and in the past, in our laboratory in Italy, we needed to make a survey about some plant diseases in our area, near the mountains Alps.
For doing so our idea was to take all pictures with our smartphones (Galaxy A5 - Android 8 version) and with their Exif data (latitude + longitude) make some GIS maps with Quantum GIS [1].
We used a batch script, thanks to ExifTool [2], to extract these GPS data.

To make a long story short, later on, we realized that our GPS data were way OFF the mark as regards many points taken in the mountains. I am talking about 10-20 KM off the real GPS point, in other words completely inaccurate!
The GPS point in the plains and cities were usually quite accurate, on the whole, but in the mountains it was a REAL disaster…

In conclusion, now we are taking again our GPS points with a dedicated Garmin GPS Device.
These GPS points are usually 10-20 meters off the mark which is quite OK for our GIS needs :slight_smile:
At present, I work with Android Apps only for my sport activities, in my spare time…