graphic card advice

I’m running Kubuntu with AMD A10 7870 Radeon R7 and 16gb ram. Darktable 3 is certainly testing and pushing my pc to it’s limit. I first noticed that exporting files had slowed up in darktable 3. The colour balance module freezes my screen when I try to use a drawn mask.
It seems to me I should really add a graphics card to my set up. So I’m asking for any recommendations or advice? My budget is around £150ish.

Hi @bminney,

Here is a good site for comparing graphic cards:

Watch out for newer Nvidias, though (like the 1660). Not all Linux distros can handle them.

However, I doubt that a better gfx will speed up your exports… What are you exporting to?
To an SSD or to an old type mechanical hard disk? Could a cheapish SSD be a good solution for you?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Its not just exporting, its most modules are much slower (for me) in darktable 3. I’ll check those links. I do have old fashioned hard discs. Thanks for the quick response.

Do you have the OpenCL enabled? that helps a lot (even on my laptop!) other than that, you could try -d perf flags for darktable to produce performance report and judge what’s going on with your performance.

Also: if you just start darktable from a terminal, do you
get a lot of protests/messages?