grid overlay to check axis alignment?

Is there a way to have a grid laid over the edited image? I have a picture of a twisted bridge, and the lens was probably a bit off the exact middle of the walkway; I wanted to check which lines in the picture deviate from either horizontal or vertical axis, which way, and how much. If I understand things correctly, all I can do now is align different lines in the picture with either X or Y and compare the results outside of ART, correct?

This is not really possible right now (except by abusing the crop tool with “rule of thirds” guides), but it is indeed a good suggestion. I’ll think about adding a grid overlay, thanks!

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I think DT recently updated/added some including some diagonal ones…maybe more code you can rework… :slight_smile:


There is a discussion for RawTherapee to decouple the guides from the crop tool as it is useful for other tools:

Perhaps you may consider it as addition to art.