group mode disabled when filtering by rating?


Is it possible that the group mode (Grouping) does not work when selecting photos by rating? For example here if the G button is enabled, JPG and RAW images are grouped together and only the RAW is shown. But if I select the all except rejected view, all of a sudden I also see the JPG.

In my workflow, I usually do a first pass on my photos and reject a bunch of pictures while assigning a rough rating approximation to the other pictures. Sometimes it means multiple shots will get a 3-star, for example, and I’ll need to go back to those and look which one I’ll be working on again. I am still not at the step of processing the RAW so the single view (which is actually the JPG preview) is fine - getting the JPG/RAW view is useless as they are identical anyways… Ideally, the images would stay grouped even if the rating filter is enabled…

Is that by design? How can I turn that off?