group of supporters

I wonder, if a (even small) regularily donation isn’t enough to join to the group of supporters…

I don’t understand what you mean. Can you clarify?

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There is a group named Supporter:

These are the people who have gone the extra mile to support the site through a donation.

I am donating monthly but never shown as a supporter.
(last Transaktionscode: 8TD26600XR421505N 7. Oktober 2021)

Its not a big issue, i just wonder.


Click your own avatar,
preferences, title.
Perhaps you would be able to select supporter there?
If not: complain :slight_smile:

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thats what i did and thats why i am asking here, in case i overlooked something.

@patdavid do you know what is going on?

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@paperdigits @patdavid
may be i found out, whats going on: you never received my donations, because the monthly amount was lower than the paypal taxes, so they just took it all? Could you pls check and give me information? Then i will change the procedure.

Let me check now - sorry if this slipped through!

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Aha! There we go! (You have a different email for paypal than you use here so I couldn’t find you at first - sorry for the mix up!).


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Hey, great thanks and sorry for the confusing mailadress…

I just noticed the same thing but IIRC my PayPal email is the same as the one here. I think I set it up as a regular donation.

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omg how did I miss yours @lhutton?! I’m so sorry! :frowning:

It’s fixed now of course. :partying_face: