Group Selected by Filename - doesn't seem to work across albums

Hi, I’m fairly long term user of Digikam and am currently running version 6.4 appimage on a Fedora system.

I recently started shooting raw + jpeg and need to group images. I found that selecting number of files and then right clicking and selecting ‘Group Selected by Filename’ indeed works and lets me group raw and jpegs together as I want to.

But there seem to be a problem if I attempt to do this across a couple of albums. That is if I select all the files in two or more different albums and then attempt to do the ‘Group Selected by Filename’, Digikam will only group the files within the current album, not across all the selected file across several albums.

Is this behavior correct or am I missing something? The reason I wanted to operate across a couple of albums as I was originally downloading the raw files to one album and the jpegs to another album. This doesn’t seem like the correct approach and what I’ve had to do is to download all files shot for a particular event to a single album so that the raws and jpegs are within a single album.

Can any one advise if this is the correct way to handle the situation or am i missing something?

Thanks in advance!


I think you can right click on albums in the left panel and check the box ‘show children items’ or something of the sort. There definitely is an option to make all the images from every sub-folder visible

Andrius, thanks for your input, but I’m afraid I’m still struggling. Right clicking on the albums doesn’t give me any option like ‘show children items’.

Here’s what I’m trying to do. I have 2 albums named as such:

20191208-jpg - contains jpegs only
20191208-org - contains raw orf files only

The files are named identically except for their extensions. What I would like to do is to be able to group the pairs together across the albums to operate on them as a pair together. For example, tag them, delete them, etc. I’ve tried this with both albums at the level in the hierarchy and also making one album a sub-album of the other. Neither allows grouping across the albums.

I CAN group them successfully if both the orf and the jpg files are in the same album by selecting all the files within the album then right clicking on one, then ‘Group’ then ‘Group Selected by Filename’. This works and gives me exactly what I need. But I was hoping to do this across albums. Do you have any further suggestion as to how I might do this? Or should I just rethink my download strategy and both raw and jpegs into a single album for each shooting session?

Thanks in advance for any help!


I don’t think I was clear. The option I meant is this:

I apologize for misleading you in my previous post.

PS Grouping information is stored in digiKam internal database only and therefore cannot be exported to xmp sidecars and/or written into files’ metadata.

Andrius, first thanks very much for your tip! It worked exactly as described! Just for other people’s reference, one thing to note is that works ‘EXACTLY’ as described, that is ‘Album Sub-Tree’. So this means that albums at the same level in the hierarchy cannot be viewed together and hence grouping the files within cannot be done across them. However is one album is lower in the hierarchy this option indeed allows viewing the albums together and hence you can then group the items within successfully.

This all came up when I got a camera that could shoot raw and jpegs and I’m trying to work out the best way of handling the files created. It’s a bit more complex than I first imagined it to be, even though I’ve used Digikam for years, but only with cameras that produced jpegs only.

Again, thanks very much for your excellent help!