Group / Show only original images in RawTherapee by default


(Pedro Cunha) #1

Hey there, new user here.

I’m just beginning to use RawTherapee (and still have a lot to learn), and since I’m shooting RAW+JPG I like using the little “Show only original images” button on the file browser so i don’t get “duplicates” of every photograph I take. What I haven’t found yet is a way to make this the default behaviour for RT, which means I’ll have to click it every single time I launch RT, which is (minor) nuisance (and probably simple to fix?)

Is there a way to make this setting persist like the little G button on darktable does?

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #2

In RT go to Settings -> File management then uncheck .jpg … have fun

(Pedro Cunha) #3

@ChasingShadows, i still want to keep JPEG files in the file browser, because I also have a compact camera that shoots only JPEG, so that isn’t a solution.

(I had already thought of that before, btw)

(Ingo Weyrich) #5

I created a feature request

(Pedro Cunha) #6

Thanks for the very fast response and action, @heckflosse

(Ingo Weyrich) #7

Don’t rely on that. I will be on vacations now for three weeks. To get that issue (though not a difficult one) solved fast, another rt dev has to solve it :wink:


(Pedro Cunha) #8

It was certainly faster than if we had to wait for me to get acquainted with the project and even create the feature request :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe someday I’ll learn some C++ and try to help out with some low hanging fruit :wink:

P.S. have fun on your vacations!