Grouping... auto-suggestions could be good?


Perhaps? Anything with less and less point > choose > point > click would speed up grouping… :slight_smile:

Also some kind of back up thingy for group info? As that is the one info that cannot be pushed to a file par DB.

(Mica) #2

Is this a question or a feature request?


It’s both… I was thinking if grouping could be (optionally?) worked into something more flexible and a bit of auto?

Those ‘autogrouping’ options aren’t doing anything.

Discussion and opinions on grouping matters I guess?

Also a button on the toolbar to push when images selected would be a bit helpful. But I guess the cover img of the group needs to be right clicked / dragged into.


I am not I understood the question but you can select images - right click - group.

(Morgan Hardwood) #5

File feature requests in the correct place:

(Simon Frei) #6

To be honest, I’d rather you didn’t file a a request for “this”, because frankly, I don’t understand at all what you are looking for, except that it involves grouping - and judging from other reaction, neither does anybody else. Try to describe what you actually want to do.


Digikam has grouping by face – that’s auto-grouping in a way.

My question and suggestion is that could there be an option to toggle on/off grouping suggestions?

Also when right click to group there’s some options as group i) by time ii) by name.

^^ but those do very little at least I haven’t seen any grouping by the engine despite selecting and executing those options.

Secondary: the grouping button isn’t the most fastest to click currently.


Background: I have twice(!) lost all my grouping info this autumn :neutral_face:

(Simon Frei) #9

What, how?

I haven’t tried grouping by time yet, it’s supposed to group time-lapse shots. Grouping by name works - it groups files with the same filename except the extensions (e.g. “pic01.jpg” and “pic01.tif”). And yes, grouping is a bit hidden in the context menu, that could certainly be improved. Sadly that’s true for many functions - there just are too many of them :slight_smile:


Yes of course.

So filenames need to be filenamepic01.jpg etc?

Why I understand this - here could perhaps be option to loosen? To regex?


^^^Grouping by face that it draws inspected images to a same window/tab “face~” and arranges similar next to each other -> providing seamless view & access to those deemed similar/same/etc :slight_smile: