Guessing time November [now revealed]

Hi all,

I am playing again.
Now, what on earth (?) might this be?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Fossilized reindeer antler!

Rotted leaf!

Hungry so my thoughts gravitated toward

and kale leaf (or that of another vegetable) with the lamina removed.

A little frond of lichen?

@paperdigits: Sorry, no. It’s too early in the season for that. Brdgs Santa Claes
@Thomas_Do: Sorry, no. Nothing rotten with that subject. At least not yet.
@afre: W-e-l-l, your hunger might direct you closer to the truth.
@elGordo: Sorry, no. It is something a little bigger than that.

Everything will be revealed this afternoon (local time).

Is it a hairy root of some vegetable? Hard to tell, with the conspiracy theory-level processing…

Here is where the Mystery Object came from:

So the correct reply would be Remnants of a clementine on a blue glass platter.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Should have known. Was eating a pomelo two nights ago, though it isn’t stringy like a clementine.

Your guessing games are still too short. Maybe wait a week before revealing the answer.

Quote from an older guess:
Will @Claes ever tell us? 24 hours in internet time is like decades!

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