Guessing time...!


I have been experimenting again (= playing).
Now, the big question is: why on earth have I put an egg yolk
in a fancy glass bowl?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Stefan Chirila) #2

no idea

(Ingo Weyrich) #3

Doesn’t really look like an egg yolk.

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

Kinder ĂĽberraschung?


Are you sure this isn’t an olive in a martini? :slight_smile:

(Martin Scharnke) #6

I’m guessing an English-style champagne glass photographed from less than 30cm. An olive as @mbs suggests seems a reasonable guess for the green hemispherical blob; alternatively a small green marble.

(Thomas) #7

This must be the famous Prairie Oyster hangover cure :wink: .


… with a glass of wine, or better with a glass and a grape? Sorry, I am less poetic…


The question is why not what.

Unlikely guess: it is a makeshift level.

That occurred to me.


Easy…you are trying to measure the surface tension of the yolk…

…where can I pick up my prize?


Yes, thought of that too. And does more mean a more nutritious egg? That is asking the right question! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can picture @Claes one day looking in the mirror and saying I can do better. Why don’t I break an egg into this fancy glass bowl in a Millennial fashion for kicks and take a picture of it before contemplating my caloric habits? Forgive me sir, if I have overstayed my welcome with this imagining. :bowing_man:

(Daniel, who is an enthusiast for F/OSS and photography) #12

I guess it is a Toffifee. Most people would first follow their caloric habits and then take a picture but in this case the photographer was gifted with extraordinary perserverance.

(Paul Deverson) #13

Something to do with colour? Yellow yolk through blue glass looks green? Though why you would bother…


@DanielLikesDT Welcome to the forum! Great thread to start in. :slight_smile:

@pauld Part of the guessing game. Can’t wait for the “answer”.


@afre, maybe you should be closer to the answer, because you brought up something similar a while ago with your “cake”-post. Let’s ask @Claes for his birthday.


Maybe an orange in a blue glass fruit bowl.


@heckflosse (evidently a suspicious man) was the first to smell a rat.
@mbs: yes, I am sure it is not an olive in a martini.
Sorry, @McCap, no price to pick up.
@pauld: Why bother? Ah, because I wanted to test a new developing module.

What is the answer, then?
There was no egg yolk.
It was a yellow tomato, straight from a nearby greenhouse.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Good game.

No more tomatoes growing in the yard this season. They were way too green and dry last year.