Handling of Bias Frames in Siril

Hi all,
I’m quite new using Siril and I like the combination of stacking and post-processing of the astro images in one tool as well as its speed very much (I use the Linux version).
I usually use the scripts “OSC_Preprocessing.ssf” and “OSC_Preprocessing_WithoutFlat.ssf” for the processing of my raw images.
When I took a look into the code of the scripts I noticed that the stacked bias file is pre-processed with the flats somehow and if no flats are available the bias frames will not be considered in the processing procedure at all.
Is there a possibility to create a script that takes the bias frames into account even if no flats are available? Other programs (e.g. DeepSkyStacker) have that possibility.

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Hi all,

isn’t there anybody who can help me with my issue here? If you do not completely understand what I mean, just ask.
I would appreciate if someone could help me.

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I’ve move your question to the software > siril category, so it should get seen now.

If no dark optimization, bias frames are not needed because dark frames already contain it. This is why it is not used.
There is no need for that.

Maybe but this is useless if no dark optimization :).

Thanks a lot for your help. Based on your hint I watched a few YouTube videos and understand the bias now and why it is just needed if I use flat frames for the post processing or if I do not have dark frames.

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