Hasselblad fff not supported by Darktable ? when it will work ?


When will it work , if planned ?

(Roman Lebedev) #2

Please be more specific.
Which camera?
Is there a sample on https://raw.pixls.us/ ?


thanks for your post : it is H39D2 39mp ; with f2.8 80 mm HC, f4 28 mm HCD and f3.2 150 mm HC
. there is no sample on this link
I can upload some if usefull.
NB ; As you know, the files directly from body Hasselblad are .3F and are transformed from 3F to fff via Phocus.
To cope with the actual version ( W10 ) of DK or RT , I export from Phocus in TIFF format ( after “lens correction” in Phocus) to work with DK or RT.
The fff format is accepted by Lightroom for example.

(Tobias) #4

I can upload some if usefull.

Yes, without a sample it is not possible to test it. And please add a .3f and a .fff file.

And here is what is needed: (copied from https://raw.pixls.us/)

We are looking for shots that are:

* Lens mounted on the camera, cap off
* Image in focus and properly exposed
* Landscape orientation

We are NOT looking for:

* Series of images with different ISO, aperture, shutter, wb, lighting, or different lenses
* DNG files created with Adobe DNG Converter
* Photographs of people, for legal reasons.

(Roman Lebedev) #5

Like @Tobias said, please contribute the sample.
Not sure how many raw modes that has.

So fff is NOT produced by the camera?
Don’t upload it then.
That basically falls under

(Tobias) #6

I just played with the .fff and .3f files we have in RPU and if you rename the files to .tiff you get in Gimp a preview image and this warning:

TIFF image Warning
IO error during reading of “Tag 50457”; tag ignored


ok , I’ll do the upload tis coming week

(Roman Lebedev) #8

Someone just uploaded A9391120.3FR from Hasselblad H3D 39 MPix, and it loads fine in darktable.
So i guess you may want to actually show the error message you are seeing.


i 'm the sender of the uploaded .3FR file.

The status is for DT:

  • List item

3FR are accepted by DT, but the module of “lens correction” does’nt recognize the lenses .

  • List item

fff ( ie after the Blad software Phocus, with “lens correction” activated, ) are not accepted.

(Roman Lebedev) #10
* lensfun is used for lens correction. If the lens correction module isn’t showing your camera or lens, or a wrong one, then please report that to those folks.

(Tobias) #11

3FR are accepted by DT, but the module of “lens correction” does’nt recognize the lenses .

Have a look at this article:


Thanks Tobias, i’l read this with attention