Having fun with my new refractor

Wow, yesterday no clouds in the sky, the night. Maybe the second clear night since January here…
So I tried my new refractor takahashi FS-60CB.

What a good telescope. With its focal of 370 it is used for wide field. But seriously, the field is really good. No possible comparison with a lens. Even a pro lens from Canon. As you may know, stars are the best objects to test the lens quality.

So yesterday I tried to use my refractors with a small computer, the tinkerboard. On this later was installed Kstars/ekos and phd2 (all free software) to automate my night session.
What a pleasure, seriously. Even if I only shot one hour because of … clouds.
So my result is not exceptional, but it is a good first light.

The refractors on his mount and the tiny computer.

Leo triplet in the sky :slight_smile:


Very cool!

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A good way to celebrate the equinox :slight_smile: Nice!

Just for fun, with the last annotation tool of Siril:

And a zoom


Wow, Congrats, what a beautiful instrument!. Just in time for Galaxy season.

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What an awesome setup. It looks like you have a nice dark sky. I have to drive at least 45 minutes to get away from the light pollution