Hazy snowy bridge

Lets see what you can do with this image. It was a hazy day and taken through a moving car window, but I feel the subject matter has a lot of potential.
DSCF4051.RAF (25.1 MB)
My take using RawThrapee Dev

DSCF4051-3.jpg.out.pp3 (26.2 KB)

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I think the image is for a B/W processing.
nevertheless a try in color.

Hazy snowy bridge_DSCF4051.RAF.xmp (12.3 KB)


I like the retro look of the color palate.

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DSCF4051.RAF.xmp (9,5 KB)

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DSCF4051.RAF.xmp (13.2 KB)

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An antique look:

Overall processing + B&W conversion: DSCF4051.tif.pp3 (13.7 KB)
Gelatin silver toning applied: DSCF4051.jpg.out.pp3 (13.7 KB)


i’m testing with darktable

DSCF4051.RAF.xmp (8,6 Ko)

Oh, man. This image has made me lose faith in everything I thought I had learned over the past few weeks. Everything I try with the colors looks green. And when I try to add contrast and clarity, it just looks more washed out.


Minimalistic RawTherapee version. Started from neutral profile and applied the settings shown in history at left:

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Maximalistic RawTherapee version. When playing with Retinex I found a sensor spot around pixel 3400/650, diameter 200 pixels.
Just played around with some functions I never used before :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

DSCF4051_RT.jpg.out.pp3 (15.6 KB)

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Thanks. I have never tried RawTherapee. But I see what you did with the color temperature, and I will revisit the image…

I believe I have found something acceptable. dt 3.4.1

DSCF4051.RAF.xmp (6.8 KB)