HDR & Darktable

HDR dng image, 7 images bracket merge with hdrmerge:


This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.

Here’s my take

and the sidecar is:




Looks good and a good candidate for more fun. Thanks for sharing.

I’d love to see how I could improve it.


You did a great job with the outdoors through the window, but I would like to see a little more “pop” with the chair, footstool, and the tray on the bed.

Me too, but how to do it without messing the walls?


You can use color zones to target the pink chair … and a mask, if you wish to exclude the flamingo.
Also, you can disable sharpen if you increase the “detail” in local contrast.
There is a black halo at the bottom of the matress: is it due to HDR merging ?

PS: the file makes DT crash on me whenever I try to zoom in.

hdrmerge-danyelle-north-vancouver-20200815-9446-9452.dng.xmp (16.2 KB)


I’ll have to figure how to do that. Never used the color zones yet.

Done. Here’s the local contrast only

Now that you mention it, I see it. It was a 7 exposure stack. The camera was on tripod and I used a wireless remote to do the exposure. I’ll see what I can do.

I just tested and have no problem zooming 100% and moving around at 100% and 200%. DT 3.2.1 on Linux Manjaro with 12Gb RAM. I also have amdgpu - opencl enabled.

Thank you

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I am on Windows with Nvidia and 16 GB of RAM.
It could be everything, included something weird happening within my Windows profile: nevermind …

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Or to make window more present