Hello Everybody!

(Abhay Sharma) #1

I am very sad to hear that natron has stalled. I use fusion, but look like that’s also going to be discontinued. I tried to use natron when it was initially released but at that time it was super buggy.
I moved on to fusion. Now I am thinking about switching but it looks like things have changed.
I was working on some UI designs just for experiments. what do you guys think?

(Mica) #2

I think the last dependency to upgrade the UI to QT5 is now ready, someone just needs to do the work to update the UI; QT5 is much nicer than the current QT4.

(lecointre leny) #3

Hi, I think it look nice but it’s more restrictive about the organisation. Everyone has a way to organise his nodes and the way it is now is realy great I think.
And for fusion I dont think it will be discontinued, only the standalone version but the fusion tab in resolve wil certainly be there (all of fusion tools are there).

(Abhay Sharma) #4

That is just an idea. Trying to help in anyway I can. Thinking about making some eye catching tutorials.

(Siddhant Rane) #5

I agree to groslaine’s point that it could be restructive for node organisation.
However, if it could be somehow reworked to allow better organisation, this could be great for the ui.

About fusion getting discontinued, its only the standalone. Fusion will be updated in Resolve. It seems they want to make Resolve a multipurpose software but i dont understand the point of discontinuing the standalone as for anyone whos a pure compositor, Resolve is just 80% bloatware.

(Mikhail) #6

this UI is greate - but for Maya
main difference between nuke and fusion - a way nodes flow
in nuke and natron - the nodes flow way from up to down (like a waterfall of many channels)

your UI design is make user do work flow from left to right ((

for example a typical nuke nodes flow

(Siddhant Rane) #7

There is nothing like that. I’ve used Natron with horizontal (left to right) node scripts on a lot of projects without any problem. Nuke and Natron give you complete freedom over node organization.
If the theme could be updated so that free node organization can be done, this theme could be great.