Help buying a new monitor

(Luis) #1

Hi friends,

I am thinking to buy a new monitor for use RT. Actually the mine is an old LG Flatron L1950SQ.

What do you think about this BenQ GW2470HL?:

(I know, an Ikegami or similar should be better…)

Any advice?


It depends on what your expectations are and the price. I have been going on 1.5 years without a monitor because I cannot find the right one for a price that I can afford.

Specs according to Benq:

(Mica) #3

Whatever you buy, also rent/buy a calibration device!

(Peter) #4

I bought a used EIZO FlexScan S2410W a year ago and I’m very happy with it. Costs me 100€
+1 for the calibration device


This tip might or might not be of any use for you, I have two not-so-new 24-inch monitors with 1920 x 1200 resolution and find the extra vertical space helpful.

(Luis) #6

Well, then the question is:

@paperdigits Help to buy a monitor and a calibration device…

@Pepe The second hand Eizos here are very old and expensive.
@Jacal The BenQ is 23,8’’ but only 1920x1080, yes I was thinking about this, however 1920x1200 are more expensive and with lowest specifications.

(St.Stephen) #7

I replaced a Samsung 1080p monitor that died a little while back with an Asus PB278Q. It’s a 27" 1440p(2k) monitor that’s not super expensive, with some nice features(see link). Now that I’m used to this, I’ll never go back to a 1080p monitor. In fact, my next one will definitely be a 4K. Keep shopping around and good luck!

(Luis) #8

Hi friends, at the end I will wait for a really decent monitor,
Thank you for your advice.

(Lothar Claus) #9

Well, I spent extreme money for my new monitor 1 year ago: after searching very long, it became a BenQ SW320 = 32inch 3840*2160px (near 4k) and including HW calibration equipment it costs about 1500EUR… But I’m very, very happy with this equipment because of a lot of working space and the really clear colors!