Help in developing RawTherapee as developer

Good afternoon
I’m interested in contributing to the RawTherapee as a developer. I have some time to spare and willingness. How I can help with the project? I couldn’t find how I can do it.

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The github project is here: GitHub - Beep6581/RawTherapee: A powerful cross-platform raw photo processing program

I’d talk to someone first to make sure you’re not duplicating effort.

I understand. How I can contact with project maintainer, I think Morgan_Hardwood, to notify about contribution?

Hi Dawid,

great that you are interested in contributing to RawTherapee. As @paperdigits already mentioned, the source and issue tracker are hosted on github. If you’ve questions how to build rt from source don’t hesitate to send me a pm here at If you already built rt from source and would like to code some stuff, do the same :slight_smile:


Hey @Dawid_Krol, help is much appreciated!

There are many open feature requests, you can grab whichever is of interest to you, though the ones listed in this issue are most important:

If you need help, nawet po polsku, just ask!

This post is worth seeing if you’re new to the forum:
Welcome to the RawTherapee forum - read this first

Hi, I’m pleased that I can help in development. I have several questions:

  1. I’ve done compiling rawthrapee and running from msys64. However, I’m trying to run it without using command line. In order to do it I’ve copied missing files in compiled RawTherapee from installed version of RawTherapee. I’ve used wiki for help. However, when I run it I get message "Did not find entry point of function _ZN4Glib17SignalProxyNormal13connect_impl_EbON4sigc9slot_baseEb in library some path rawtherapee.exe. What file am I missing?
  2. How I should contact you about project?

I can’t help you with Windows issues, but I’ll tag some people that can:
@heckflosse @sguyader @gaaned92

We use GitHub for handling specific issues, regardless whether they are bugs or enhancements. For discussions, best is IRC:

It sounds like a conflict in some Glib library, are you sure you don’t have 2 different version of some dll’s? Maybe you copied a dll which was not the one used for compilation.
Check also to see if there’s not Gtk/Glib dll from antoher software in your PATH environment.

… more specific: Sounds like a conflicting libsigc++, but I’m no Windows user either.

I sent you a pm here on