Help test the new HDRMerge development build for macOS

Most probably. have you modified it on your side? I just left the white level unchecked …

I didn’t use custom white level. But the code has changed more than once, for example here

Btw: use half size preview to improve processing time to generate the preview in case you don’t need full size preview

There is something else not looking good on macOS High Siera:

According to the image from the manual, there should be some tools there:

Yes, there should be some tools…

@HIRAM Can you confirm the issues?


Screenshot from my build:

@heckflosse Thank you for all the help!

I could not find any information about how HDRMerge decides which image which EV has. Is this taken from the file name?

For example, my files are named:


In the tooltips HDRMerge says

20180602_150810_2: +2EV for the green one
20180602_150810_1: +.99EV for the purple one
20180602_150810: 0EV for the pink one

This is of course not really as I made the photos. Does this has an influence on how HDRMerge chooses which pixels from which image to take?

I am asking because it looks a little curious that the sky is not taken from the darkest picture. Even in the photos that do not show the pink patches, the sky does not have as much definition as in the darkest picture from the set.

File name is not important. HDRMerge calculates EV of image based on image content. HDRMerge uses the less exposed image fot the brightest parts and so on.

If the sky is not taken from the darkest one, that would be clearly a bug.

But I think, the issue is wrong calculation of saturation level. Why does your hdrmerge report 15361 while mine reports 15207?

I would say there are at least 2 probable reasons:

  • we do not use the same build
  • there is a error in how the saturation level is calculated on macOS.
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We’ll have to wait for @HIRAM on this

@heckflosse @Daniel_Catalina I can see there are no tool icons, didn’t phase me as being missing before.
Also, pink highlights on mac. They go away if you raise exposure or Raw White Points white-point correction.

Here are the latest things:

The question is where is hdrmerge expecting to find the icons on mac?

Here’s what I’m getting on mac, similar to Daniel’s run.

./hdrmerge -vv
Using LibRaw 0.18.8-Release
20180602_150810_2.RAF: 6032x4028 (6048x4038+0+6, by Fujifilm X-T2, 200ISO 1/45sec f7.1 EV:-10.1475
9 RGBG, sat 15872, black 1022, flip 0, wb: 564 302 582 0, cblack: 1022 1022 1022 1022
20180602_150810_1.RAF: 6032x4028 (6048x4038+0+6, by Fujifilm X-T2, 200ISO 1/90sec f7.1 EV:-11.1475
9 RGBG, sat 15872, black 1022, flip 0, wb: 564 302 582 0, cblack: 1022 1022 1022 1022
20180602_150810.RAF: 6032x4028 (6048x4038+0+6, by Fujifilm X-T2, 200ISO 1/180sec f7.1 EV:-12.1475
9 RGBG, sat 15872, black 1022, flip 0, wb: 564 302 582 0, cblack: 1022 1022 1022 1022
Load files: 7.26135 seconds
Using white level 15361
Compute response functions: 1.69466 seconds
Generate mask: 0.305109 seconds
Writing /Users/tune/Desktop/20180602_150810-2.dng, 16-bit, 6032x4028
Adjusted white balance: 1.86755 1 1.92715 1
Fatten mask (SSE version): 0.130716 seconds
Blur: 0.49628 seconds
Compose: 2.92187 seconds
Render preview: 27.3897 seconds
Write output: 2.55989 seconds

They seem to be in the right place:

test_enfuse daniel$ ls /Applications/
icon.icns qt.conf

@HIRAM The hdrmerge build seems not to be from latest source.

White level from your version: 15361. White level from the version I tested: 15207
15361 * 0.99 = 15207

From latest commit

+    if (!useCustomWl) { // only scale when no custom white level was specified
+        satThreshold *= 0.99;
+    }

Yep you’re right that is a recent commit I missed and have to rebuild it.

The icons in question are actually different files. icon.icns is just the bundle icon and qt.conf is a qt5 file. I’ve tried putting them here, but need to check the code or scripts to see where they should go…

@Daniel_Catalina @heckflosse

{old link removed}
ˆ–Now this is from the very latest git pull… still researching the missing tool icons.

Using white level 15207

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Thank you very much for helping!
Looks good. No pink in the sky any longer.

Is there anything else specific you want me to test?
Other than the missing icons, I did not see any problems. No crashes, the eraser and pen seem to work.

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