HELP. tethered shooting issues

I’ve been having some major issues. darktable is the only program my Canon Rebel T5I will currently tether to (issues with windows 10 home I believe, any answers on this would also be welcome). The problem is none of the RAW CR2 files that are saved through tethered shooting are readable by any program including darktable (used to say cannot read white balance, since updating says xxxxx.CR2 not available, CR2 imported off SD card works just fine). I thought maybe updating darktable from 3.0.0 would help, so I upgraded to 3.0.2. Now the previously unusable pictures aren’t even saving.

How did you setup darktable? Did you use the USB procedure listed on the website?

I’m not really sure what you mean by USB procedure. I cant seem to find anything on the website.

Update. I uninstalled and reinstalled darktable. I’m still having the same issue where nothing can open the CR2 files (still says xxx.CR2 not available), however it fixed the issue where the photos were not being saved.

I found a thread ( for anyone facing this issue) that helped me install gphoto2 to use the commands in the manual and everything looks good there. the issue just seems to be with the way the file is saved through the tethering.

I attempted to open one of the files in GIMP (which uses darktable to open the CR2 first) and the 2 error messages I got there is:

Calling error for procedure ‘gimp-file-load’:
Error opening file ‘C:\Users\xxxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\gimp\2.10\gimp-temp-173120.exr’ for reading

Opening ‘C:\Users\xxxxxx\Pictures\Darktable$(YEAR)0629_capture job\20200629_0002.cr2’ failed: Raw Canon plug-in could not open image

If anyone wants to look into the image, i uploaded one to dropbox. It was snapped with the cap on so all black if you can even view it.

Have you checked to see if your camera is supported?

yes I ran through the checks on the gphoto2 to check my cameras compatibility and everything checks out there.

From your link:

Canon EOS 700D Image Capture, Trigger Capture, Liveview, Configuration