Help translating RT

Dear devs,
I am an amateur photographer using RT for about 5 years and I love it. Thanks to all who made this software possible!
Due to some worries about the current discussion about further development I thought if I could contribute. So if there is any need in e.g. translating the software or documentation to German language I might be able to support you (I am retired now after decades working in the software business mainly as sales consultant). I have no idea about the translation process. I only have seen and played around with the language files of RT.
Please let me know if I can help.

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@mozzihh any help is welcome!

In the past i already started to translate the default file into the german language, but was stopped by the main dev and asked to wait, until the default file was revised and released for translation. The revising process is still going on and my work on this is idle.
But as soon as the revision will be finished, i would appreciate any help, to finish the translation asap.

Hi Martin,
thanks for your prompt reply. I will stand by and will be glad to hear from you when things proceed. Bis dann