Help with lost database file


I had version 6.2.0 of Digikam installed on my WINDOWS 10 PC. I accidentally deleted the database file. It was on a network share so it’s not in the recycle bin and I can’t restore it.

I ran Digikam and it couldn’t find the database file (obviously!) but it said it would run without it and be non-functional while I created a new database file. However it got stuck at the splash screen and never got any further.

I thought I’d try uninstalling Digikam and reinstalling it. While doing that I noticed that version 6.3.0 was available so I installed that instead. However it’s still looking for the same deleted database file and won’t run.

How do I stop it looking for the old missing database file and convince it to create a new one?

Many thanks

You can try to restore the deleted file from the network storage using tools like testdisk.

But don’t do any write operations on that hard drive now unless you started a search.

Thanks but, to be honest, there was nothing in the database file - I’d only just got started. Is there a way to convince Digikam to make a new one?

yes, you need to delete digikam configuration files.

Try removing “digikamrc” file from C:\Users\wca0272\AppData\Local (scroll down)

The database location is in C:\Users\YourName\Local Settings\digikamrc
or something like that any way.



I found the digikamrc file at

I’ve renamed it to digikamrc_old and all seems OK.

Thanks so much for your help.