Histogram function and colour calibration not working

I have shared a tiff file with a friend and was taking him through Siril.
We both have Windows 10 and the latest version of Siril.
Going to histogram transformation there are 2 peaks, one RG and 1 B with considerable separation
On my PC I open the file (Rosette Nebula). In RGB autostretch view the screen is bright blue with the stars showing but in histogram view the nebula shows nicely
He gets the blue autostretch view but only a white screen in histogram view.
If I apply color calibration (either color calibration or photometric) the histogram peaks merge and I can apply autostretch with great results.
On his computer color calibration leads to a fragmented histogram with many peaks and auto stretch does not work.
Any suggestions

Thanks Rog

Hi. The statistics are now computed for each channel, maybe you have the new version and he doesn’t?

Thanks for the reply.
We are both using identical versions of Siril but his PC doesn’t behave as it should.
I can think of no reason why colour calibration doesn’t work on his PC

One of you could work in 16bits mode.
check your preferences in Siril.

The bit depth is set by the file which is a 16 bit tiff. So both are the same
Thanks anyway

No. As I told, please check the preferences: ctrl + P

I have. No settings for tiff files.
Sirils default for Fits files is 32 bits but it only uses 16 bits.
When a tiff file loaded it changes to 16 bit

If two installations on the same OS don’t do the same thing, for me it means that it was not installed properly… Maybe he’s starting an older version still installed or something, check the version from inside siril maybe, it doesn’t make sense otherwise, and as non-windows users I’m afraid our help will be limited on this subject…

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I do agree with Vincent, as the binary is automatically compiled by an independent machine, it should produce same result on identical machines.

No offense but very often the bug is in the user use.
And the blank image looks like to an old issue that has been fixed.

Thank you and Vincent.
I thought that his machine may be missing a Windows driver or the like. but it now seems that a file was corrupted in his original or a bad registry entry which is not corrected bu reinstallation. He has done 3
We are going to do a complete wipe and registry clean and try again.
Thanks again