Historical slide shows, all in open source

I’ll be presenting three slide shows of my father’s photography in September. These are entirely open source using Linux, RawTherapee, Gimp and LibreOffice Impress.

Sep 1. Virtual event through The Camera Store, Calgary. It’s free.

Sep 11. In-person event in Lethbridge, Alberta at the Galt Museum

Sep 17. In-person event in Jasper, Alberta through the Jasper Museum

Each slide show will be customized for the geographical location and audience. Here’s the link for The Camera Store event.

I will also be presenting in-person slide shows in Calgary and Canmore later. Planning on virtual shows in Vancouver, Yellowknife and Puerto Vallarta.


This is so cool!

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do you plan to do remote session via

The Camera Store show will be remote by zoom, and be on Youtube after.


Wish I could attend in person. Of the little I’ve seen they are wonderful photographs, and I am surely jealous of anyone who gets to live in Jasper! Have visited briefly only a few days.

“Since his career spanned four decades in the golden age of photojournalism, it will cover the cameras and film types used”

Look forward to this part too.