I like the fact that Siril stores the history of all actions taken in the processing via the FITS header. I did notice that changes made using GHT dont show the full details.

PROGRAM = ‘Siril v1.0.6’ / Software that created this HDU
HISTORY Generalised Hyperbolic Transformation
HISTORY Asinh Transformation: (stretch= 3.0, bp=0.00000)

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Also is there a feature to take the history from an image and apply the steps to another image? That would be cool. And if you could undo steps from a saved image making use of the history that would be helpful too.

Not all operations are reporting their activity or options in the FITS HISTORY. We are working on improving that, for version 1.2. Thanks for telling us about GHT.

We have not planned to reuse these fields for processing, it’s just for information and image tracking purposes. However, in siril 1.2, most post-processing operations can be applied with commands, so it will be easy to make a script that always processes images the same way.

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Thanks Vincent