History Stack DT 3.0

DT 3.0 I’m trying to clear the history stack. If I clear the history stack it only clears my additional modules, not the 8 modules DT automatically applies. I want to start with the original so I can follow Aurélien’s basic editing guide

  1. exposure
  2. white balance
  3. color balance
  4. filmic

Just do it, the initial modules (except basecurve and sharpen - you can disable them in the settings dialog) are needed in any case

Original - it’s just data, not an image.
You need those default modules enabled to interpret data and see image.

To understand a bit more about , read the History Section of the release blog: https://www.darktable.org/2019/12/darktable-30/
It starts off…

A redesign of the history has been done. darktable, like any RAW developer software, must run some default modules to allow the RAW to be displayed. Previously these modules were hidden. For greater transparency, all the processing steps performed are now displayed, even if they do not correspond to an existing module, such as the gamma line. These modules cannot be disabled because of their usefulness.